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Nokia 6 Launched in China – No Release In India?

After five years of wait, Nokia has launched its all new Nokia 6 Android smartphone in China. HMD Global, a Finland based company who has bought the rights to use Nokia branding on mobile phones, has announced the release of Nokia 6 on their website.  Earlier Nokia andoid phone’s launch was rumoured to happen in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, but HMD global, without much fanfare unveiled the phone, and its available to purchase in , for at 1699 CNY (about Rs.… Read the rest

Apple Activation Lock service to your rescue – Check for stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod

As soon as Apple launches a fresh model of iPhone , iPad or iPod touch we witness an exponential surge in the buying and selling of these iOS devices. On one hand because the new buyers have the opportunity to snatch these devices at an advantageous price from the previous owner(the one who sells now), which in time with the gain from the sale may well write off the cost of purchasing the new iDevice.… Read the rest

Best Chrome extensions that can protect your online privacy

On the web you don’t have and you will never have an approach (which includes even those proxy softwares and sites) that will keep you 100% certain of your online privacy. Regardless of whether you have installed into your system, a decent antivirus program and even if you abstain from surfing on specific sorts of sites, you could just run into online assets that undermine your privacy and security .… Read the rest

GEGeek Tech Toolkit solves your computer problems

In case you are the person that your relatives and buddies normally call when they have laptop or computer problems, then probably you may have already done things like equipping a USB stick or external hard disk with special software programs crucial to carry out the most diverse operations and repairs.… Read the rest

Galaxy S5 Supports 128GB SanDisk microSD cards

SanDisk now produces high capacity microSd cards that has a memory capacity of 128 GB and it is now available in the market for Rs. 9,999. This microSDXC UHS-I  SD card is designed to deliver twice the speed of ordinary microSD cards. This item was introduced during the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, this February.… Read the rest

100% Cashback and 1 Lack Worth Shopping For New Moto G Buyers on Flipkart

The most popular shopping website in India, Flipkart is now rolling out some attractive offers for new Motorola Moto G buyers. They’ve announced a lucky contest among new purchasers of Moto G. One lucky winner will get 1 Year free shopping with Flipkart worth 1 Lack and 100 other winners will get 100% cash-back on the phone.… Read the rest

What is ‘Heartbleed’ Bug and How to Get Protected Yourself

In these days, a potential vulnerability nicknamed “Heartbleed” is all around the technology talks. Actually it is a critical OpenSSL security threat that may cause security problems for websites using OpenSSL protocol. OpenSSL is the open source combination of SSL and TLS protocols which is written in the C programming language.… Read the rest

Whatsapp Now Allows To Hide ‘Last Seen’ Feature

Now Whatsapp user have the permission to hide their activity time-stamp from other. On Whatsapp as you know you were simply able to find the time since they were online. But as the new update rolls out, you can simply turn it off to hide your online status from others. People used to trick this feature by changing the phone time and switching it to Airplane mode – now it will be more easy to do it.… Read the rest

Mozilla’s HTML5-Based Flash Player Shumway Lands in Firefox Nightly

Shumway is known as attempt from Mozilla to replace the current flash player and build a new  HTML-5 based technology experiment. In their website they’re saying Shumway is an an HTML5 technology experiment to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering SWFs.  Anyway, this web-native flash renderer has landed in the Mozilla Firefox latest Nightly builds.… Read the rest