Mi A1 Vs Moto G5S Plus Vs Redmi Note 4 Specifications Comparison

The mid range smartphone market always has the competition on who gives the best specifications on the given price. Along with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 already has a huge fan base in India, Moto G5S and the recently launched Moto G5S Plus is absolute value for money, Nokia 6 seems to be doing good yet there it comes one more competitor.

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Will Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo Smartphones Get Banned In India?

There has been an internet hoax recently about Chinese smartphone companies. Today I have read somewhere that Government of India if going to ban all Chinese smartphones which are having 91 series IMEI number. According to this, all major Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo are on their way to stop all operations in India.

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How To Delete/Disable Unwanted Apps In MIUI Without Root

This is a very popular question among android users. Android phone you purchase comes with  a lot of bloatware, unwanted apps, some Google apps you wont even open in your life. Removing or disabling these unwanted applications from your device not only saves memory but cleans up your home screen so that it ease up your search through apps to find the one app you want.

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Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Isn’t Getting Charged – Solution

I have seen many smartphone users complaining in forums and communities that their devices are not getting charged properly even if they connected to charger for a long time. Here, we will discuss why this is happening and how we can resolve this issue.

Reasons behind your device is not getting charged:

If your smartphone stopped charging after battery reaching certain percentage – we can easily assume that its a software bug.

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