Chevron Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Wireless earbuds are a trend nowadays as Apple just fueled it with their Earpods recently. Even though the Apple Earpods are a bit costly, its popularity implies more companies are going to manufacture similar products in an affordable rate. Here we are going to review such as product, Chevron Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones which is available in Amazon India for less than Rs.

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Future J3 Earphones Review : Best Budget Earphone?

The Future J3 is a relatively new In-Ear earphone in budget range. It is available exclusively on Amazon and will reach you within couple of days after ordering. Here’s a review of the Future J3 earphone which is less known but gaining popularity since I can see many people ordering the earphone just by hearing the reviews from other who already bought it.

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10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android – 2018 (Free)

Photo editing apps are one of the most popular app category among android apps after social media apps. A reason behind the popularity of photo editing apps for android could be the increase in number of selfie phones launched in market and the trend will likely to continue in 2018 as well thus everyone search for the best photo editing apps.

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FastComet Review – SSD Cloud Hosting At Reasonable Price

Recently Technicles has switched its hosting provider to a moderately known hosting called FastComet. Previously we have been served under Speedhost India.  This post is about our experience and review of FastComet – so that it will be beneficial for people who are looking for hosting companies for their blogs/websites.

Fastcomet review

Our requirements

We were planning to move from our current hosting provider to something better.

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How Learning Apps Helps You For Competitive Exam Preparation

Learning has become interesting with the introduction of educational applications in the field of education. With the help of these educational applications, students have started visualizing each and every topic and learning at their own pace. Hence, applications are making our lives a lot easier and fun. Mobile education, as a matter of fact, is a fast-growing trend which people all across the globe are embracing with open arms.

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Best 5 Screen Recording Free Apps For Android (No Root)

If you have a habit of sharing tech things like how to do/explore app stuff among social media, YouTube or blog, there is this one tool that you will definitely need. A perfect Screen recorder that captures a video of the actions that you carried out using your phone. These actions might be changing some settings, exploring various options in an app and what not.

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3D Surround Music Player – Android’s Alternative To iOS Boom ?

All those who are using an iPhone might have used a music app called Boom. Now, if you ask what is special about it – Unlike other music playing apps out there, it provides 3D surround sound effects for your normal mp3 files.There are few android music player apps out there  which already has these features, but by the arrival of 3D Surround Music Player, android users can also claim that they have a premium quality music app which has all those features that Boom Provides.

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