Gradle Tips to Make Build Engineer’s Life Easy

Release Engineer’s are inevitable part in software engineering field, who is concerned with  compilation, wrapping up or assembly and delivery (deployment) of the source code. These days bigger projects are using Gradle as the build tool since it makes release of the code much faster and hassle free. Gradleware is the Enterprise Automation Company  supporting gradle doing a great job in keeping gradle open source, community developed and they are giving high quality training in build and automation using gradle.… Read the rest

Solution for Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working While Opening doc or docx

Microsoft office might be the most trustful companion in your computer if you’re a student or an office-man. Here’s I’m gonna discuss about a problem with MS word 2010, may be a fraction of you people have already been through this. That is, when you’re double clicking on a doc or docx file to open it – It wont open successfully rather it shows a message “Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working”.… Read the rest

10 Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android (Paid and Free)

If you own a smartphone, then surely you do love Gaming apps. The mobile gaming has changed a lot since android and iOS phones are introduced and they are the best whenever you get bored. The advantage of installing multiplayer games on your Android smartphone is that the enjoyment doubles as you could get your friend as opponent.… Read the rest

Max Payne 3 Best Settings on Nvidia GeForce GT-540M

Max Payne 3 is an advanced 3D graphics video game from Rockstar games. This game requires a modern graphic card to render properly, Nvidia GeForce GT-540M on my Dell XPS 15 laptop runs this stunning one person shooter game very effectively, without any lags.


Once the game has installed, it suggests a configuration on graphics setting in the game but for me it was not the best settings and it lags like hell.… Read the rest

How to Use Google Maps 7.0 Offline

Google has released its new version of Maps and Navigation apps for android platform. The update is for Android 4.0.3 and higher versions. Google this time released the maps with a clean interface and nice combination of colors. The new version is also rich in features such as live traffic updates, revamped navigation, incident reports and dynamic re-routing.  … Read the rest

Technicles – Simple Yet Unique Technology Blog

Certainly there’s no significance in starting yet another tech blog since there are thousands of them still struggling to get a space in Blogosphere. But I got the spark to start a tech blog which has some uniqueness from other blogs. Talking about unique blog, it means unique in every aspect.… Read the rest