Gradle is a new generation build tool that integrates the goodness of both ant and maven

How to setup a Gradle continuous build for your java project

One of the major benefit Gradle can provide you is continuous build feature. First of all let me explain what is meant by continuous build. A normal build is where you make any changes in the source files  (It can be in .java file or in the resources you use) and you need to explicitly build your project to create a new jar/war/ear file.… Read the rest

Java Compile Time And Run Time Dependencies, Provided Scope And More

This post is inspired from the mess I have made in my java project  around compile time and run time dependencies. There are lots of questions you will ask when you try to resolve all the dependencies for your project using tools like Maven or Gradle. These tools make a distinction between compile time and  run time dependency, like compile scope, provided scope etc.… Read the rest

Gradle Tips to Make Build Engineer’s Life Easy

Release Engineer’s are inevitable part in software engineering field, who is concerned with  compilation, wrapping up or assembly and delivery (deployment) of the source code. These days bigger projects are using Gradle as the build tool since it makes release of the code much faster and hassle free. Gradleware is the Enterprise Automation Company  supporting gradle doing a great job in keeping gradle open source, community developed and they are giving high quality training in build and automation using gradle.… Read the rest

Create Oracle database JDBC connection in gradle

It is a usual  for a gradle script to get connected to a database like oracle. Doing this in gradle may seem pretty simple and straight forward. But sometimes things wont get right. If you are having hard time to get connected to oracle database, using java code inside gradle, this tutorial is for you.… Read the rest

How to write and call methods in gradle script

As mentioned in our previous post where we discussed about the flow of a gradle custom task, we will now talk about how we can define a custom method inside the gradle script so that we can arrange our coding for a better understanding.

In one approach of writing methods is given below: