How To Hide Messages From Specific Contacts In Mi Smartphones

When it comes to Xiaomi mobiles  like Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4 etc, It all runs in MIUI 8 which is a very unique and fetaure rich android UI out there. There are many things that you think you can only achieve by installing a third party app – like hiding or locking apps, or hiding messages is integrated to MIUI.

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How To Change Default Notification Toggle Panel In MIUI

One of the main changes in MIUI 8 in Xiaomi phones like Redmi Note 3 was the combined notification and toggle bar styles. The change in toggle bar is done by MIUI developers in order to avoid the confusion among new users of Xiaomi smartphones since almost all other smartphones have a single page notification plus toggle action panel.

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How To Delete/Disable Unwanted Apps In MIUI Without Root

This is a very popular question among android users. Android phone you purchase comes with  a lot of bloatware, unwanted apps, some Google apps you wont even open in your life. Removing or disabling these unwanted applications from your device not only saves memory but cleans up your home screen so that it ease up your search through apps to find the one app you want.

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3D Surround Music Player – Android’s Alternative To iOS Boom ?

All those who are using an iPhone might have used a music app called Boom. Now, if you ask what is special about it – Unlike other music playing apps out there, it provides 3D surround sound effects for your normal mp3 files.There are few android music player apps out there  which already has these features, but by the arrival of 3D Surround Music Player, android users can also claim that they have a premium quality music app which has all those features that Boom Provides.

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How To Use Google Sound Search Instead Of Shazam And Soundhound

There are times when you really want the details of that song playing around you but there’s no one to help you out. Shazam is a music discovery app released few years back, which is still the best sound search app that will do this job for you. All you have to do is just show your smartphone to the direction of sound – the app will record and search parallel in its database for the beat and come up with the result.

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Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Isn’t Getting Charged – Solution

I have seen many smartphone users complaining in forums and communities that their devices are not getting charged properly even if they connected to charger for a long time. Here, we will discuss why this is happening and how we can resolve this issue.

Reasons behind your device is not getting charged:

If your smartphone stopped charging after battery reaching certain percentage – we can easily assume that its a software bug.

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