Block Application From Using Internet Using Firewall App Blocker

Sometimes we need certain applications not to access internet because doing so will download unwanted updates will cause headaches. Especially if you’re using pirated versions of windows software’s such as Microsoft office or Adobe Photoshop, when you connect to internet, it will cause them stop working as it will automatically verify the license online. One way to evercome this problem is to block that certain application(s) from being connected to internet. This can be done via windows firewall to block application from using internet connection.

However as you may know, assigning group policies for each and every software you need to be blocked from accessing internet will quite some time as it requires to set inbound and outbound rules for each application you want to block from Windows Firewall with Advanced Security application.

However there’s a simple tool you may consider let you simply add apps to block through firewall. Firewall App Blocker is a lightweight internet filter program that can help you set the firewall permissions without accessing Control Panel. If you want to block a software from accessing internet, just drag and drop or browse the .exe file over the interface and you’re done.

Steps to block an application from using internet using Firewall App blocker

  • Download Firewall App Blocker from here.
  • Double click to open FAB
  • Just browse for the exe of the application you want to block
  • Done – the software is blocked fro using internet


If you ever want to return to normal, just delete the corresponding app from the list.

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