Ever since the invention of social media, especially WhatsApp, Facebook  – people love to talk about their feelings and thoughts by posting quotes on their wall. The normal text-based WhatsApp statuses and Facebook updates are more effective when it is written on a meaningful picture. So if you have something in your mind, how are you planning to draw it on a picture?. Here are the best Quote creator apps in Android you can use to create your own personified quote pictures. Some of these apps can provide unlimited quotes from great personalities and philosophers. So you once you have any of these apps, it is almost assured that you will never run out of words.

Quotes creator

I have tried many apps which are on top of many listings online, but nothing comes as simple and effective as Quotes Creator. Upon opening the app it right away allows you to create your quote picture from one of the many pre-designed templates available. There are three options when it comes to background. 1. A downloaded picture. 2. Choose from a readily available background package. 3. A plain color. You can drag and drop the text around the picture, unlike other apps, the input text field allows you to add author name too so that it is properly aligned and sized on the screen.

Now comes the best part. This app allows you to give certain words a punch. For example, if you want to emphasize a particular word in your quote and give it a special color or font, all you have to do is just tap that word and change the style accordingly. This is one of the unique features that are available in this app.

On the negative side, this app doesn’t allow you to search for a particular image and make it as your background. Also, we noticed that you cant save your own quotes in the quote library. Also, it leaves a watermark on pictures. You need to pay if you want to avoid the watermark.


Canva was initially an online tool, but last year they released apps for both Android and iOS, moreover, Canva is the editors choice for this kind of apps in Play store. One of the main Strength of Canva is the abundance of pre-loaded templates both free as well as paid. All you have to do is choose a template and add your text and save. Canva provides a bunch of other features like changing the fonts, colors. It also allows you to specifically add effects to each word. You can even search for a theme which suits the character of your quote which is really cool.

On the other hand, Canva is more of a designing app than a Quote creator app. Canva doesn’t have in-built quotes tore like Quote creator.


This app is not limited to Quotes in text or image but you can even build videos and share online. You can write anything you want, short stories, poems quotes etc. The best part is you can get a copyright protection for your own work which gives you protection from someone stealing your hard work.

The quotes you create using this app is indexed by Google (After publishing 20 quotes). On par with other apps, this also provides plenty of customization options which lets you design the way you want your quote.


Kwote let you create pictures with quotes in it. Nothing fancy in this app, even the designs are not very overwhelming. But the user interface is very simple and the app has tons of customization options. The customization options will range from text edits to image filters.

Quotes Creator

This app has more than 2000 quotes in its database in around 25+ categories. It is always very easy to pick a suitable quote for the occasion and add it to a picture or a plain background then share it on social media or a WhatsApp status. You can look for the quotes based on Authors, Category or even pick a saved quote from your own library. It has plenty of customization options like other apps, like changing fonts and adding various shapes etc.


Note that these are only a few apps that came as a result of a small research from my side. I surely hope there are other awesome apps too to make creative quotes. If you think I must include them in this list, please share them below in comments.

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