As the memory size and processing capacity of smartphones has now even compete with desktops, we have our personal data moved to these devices. These may include your personal videos, photos etc. It may not be a good idea to just save them on the SD card so that everyone who uses your phone can have access to it. It’s always better to set a control over things which other users can access. Third party apps will help you to hide or lock files and folders and gallery for you.  Here’s five of the best free applications to hide your files in android phone.

1. Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

as the name indicates, this app just locks the gallery and make it private. It works the same way as Gallery Lock pro. It can easily lock photos and videos by individually hiding them from gallery and is folder supported.


2. Vaulty Free

This app is popular one for hiding photos and personal videos in android. You’ve to set your login password and start hiding pictures and videos from your gallery. In addition to locking files, you can take pictures, previewing them, slide show of pictures are supported.


3. Smart Lock Free

Smart Lock app provides security for your mobile phone from others. It can  hide apps, pictures, video and audio files by protecting them with a password. The free version of Smart Lock is ad supported but it doesn’t miss any features. Fake mode allows you to present a fake error message on lock screen.


4. File Hide Expert

This android application hides any files such as pictures,videos and other media files and folder itself within seconds. you can enable a password so that no one can access the files or folders that you’ve hidden.


5.  Hide It

Hide it is a free application for android which you can used to hide Pictures ,Videos, Applications, Messages , Calls in your phone. The app on your app drawer will be named as Audio manager app which will let you adjust the volume. However if you long press on the audio manager title, the actual Hide It app will launch. this helps to spoof other that you’ve no hiding apps enabled.