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4 Ways to Speed Up Youtube Video Buffering

When is the most annoying part of browsing internet?. I am sure you will say it’s when you buffer videos that are posted on YouTube, Facebook. This is because most people around the globe uses slower internet connections, or the speed they currently have is not enough to stream a video without taking some time to buffer.… Read the rest

Should You Buy a Google Chromebook? Does it Replace a Laptop?

Google is bringing Chromebooks to India and it will be available to buy from October 17.  You can buy buy Chromebooks from HP, Acer etc from Croma and Reliance stores as well as pre-order them on Flipkart website. The Acer Chromebook is priced at 23k where HP sells their chromebook at 27k – both are based on the 4th generation celeron dual core processors.… Read the rest

Solution For Windows Explorer Doesn’t Refresh Automatically

As a deep and continuous user of Windows 7, I usually encounter some really annoying bugs of windows explorer. The problem is that when you make changes to anything in windows explorer – make a new folder, delete a file, copy something – all these activities wont get updated until we perform a manual update.… Read the rest

Get Alerts About Police Traps on Waze Android App

Travelling is fun when we hangout with our friends. But what about police camera traps and unexpected traffic hikes?. It spoils the thrill as well as the fun element. Waze is a social, GPS based application for maps & traffic which is available to download on your smartphone. It is a crowd powered social app that join forces with other drivers nearby so we could save time by getting early alerts on traffic, find the nearest gas station etc.… Read the rest

Apple iPad Mini Vs Google Nexus 7:Quick Comparison For a Better Desicion

Since Apple has entered in the budget tablet market with their new little brother of iPad tablet – the iPad mini, whenever people think about buying a tablet in the 20-25K range, they obviously put some attention to Apple. But when we compare the two tablets in hands, I would say there’s nothing wrong in it although the tech specs of Asus Google Nexus 7 blows away its competitor.… Read the rest

Mozilla’s HTML5-Based Flash Player Shumway Lands in Firefox Nightly

Shumway is known as attempt from Mozilla to replace the current flash player and build a new  HTML-5 based technology experiment. In their website they’re saying Shumway is an an HTML5 technology experiment to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering SWFs.  Anyway, this web-native flash renderer has landed in the Mozilla Firefox latest Nightly builds.… Read the rest

Android Spy Camera Apps : Take Photos Secretly Without Anyone Knowing

Sometimes it’s very funny to take photos of our friends without knowing them. But if point you’r phone towards them with camera app, they’ll stop you from taking their pictures. Also, there’ll be situations where you need to shoot something which is very exclusive and doing it without knowing the other person.… Read the rest

Uninstall Applications Directly From Context Menu in Windows

The main reason for your computer being slow is the presence of unwanted apps installed on it. To make your computer fast as possible, as you may complain that you have very good system hardware configuration but it runs slowly, uninstall the apps that you don’t ever use. In the first look it may seem all those software’s installed are useful but take a closer look on each one of them to analyze if they are really useful or not.… Read the rest

Block Application From Using Internet Using Firewall App Blocker

Sometimes we need certain applications not to access internet because doing so will download unwanted updates will cause headaches. Especially if you’re using pirated versions of windows software’s such as Microsoft office or Adobe Photoshop, when you connect to internet, it will cause them stop working as it will automatically verify the license online.… Read the rest