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Lenovo S660 MId-range Quad Core Android Smartphone Price and Specifications

If you need performance along with the advantage of dual SIM and very longer battery life all in a very affordable price, the go for Lenovo S660 android smartphone. This new release from Lenovo aims to target the med-range segment of smartphones with a price tag of Rs 13,999. The device is now available to buy from the estore of the company as well as retailers across the country.… Read the rest

Two Google Chrome Word Count Extensions For Bloggers

The new SEO tips and advice from various search engine marketing consultancies all pointing to quality content both rich in words and originality. So when we write a blog post, sometimes it is necessary to count how much we’ve written. Popular web browsers like Google chrome has various extensions that can count the words in a selected paragraph and display it.… Read the rest

Top 10 Safety and Security Android Apps for Women

There are horrible news around the world about women insecurity and incidents like in Delhi. In today’s life, every hand have a smartphone so can we use it for our own security. Here’s some of the android apps that alert you if there any problems for your women relatives.

women security

1. bSafe – Personal Safety App (Both free and paid version)

When you’ve a situation that seems dangerous, tap on the app button.… Read the rest

What is ‘Heartbleed’ Bug and How to Get Protected Yourself

In these days, a potential vulnerability nicknamed “Heartbleed” is all around the technology talks. Actually it is a critical OpenSSL security threat that may cause security problems for websites using OpenSSL protocol. OpenSSL is the open source combination of SSL and TLS protocols which is written in the C programming language.… Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reached India Priced at ₹51,500

Samsung’s this years flagship model and the latest one in the Galaxy S series – Galaxy S5 will reach Indian stores today. After Note  this one has been one of the most priced Samsung phone as the price will be more than ₹51,500.  The company had already taken pre-orders since two weeks at Samsung India eStore – the company’s official online store.… Read the rest

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Laptop Battery

Most laptop batteries would fail within 2-3 years after it has been bought. There are numerous signs that you may observe when it’s time to replace your laptop battery. The first and most obvious thing is the backup time. It will be considerably lower on weak battery. Even if you charge to full, it will warn you to recharge after half an hour usage.  … Read the rest

Know Cellular & WiFi Signal Strength & Coverage Map in your Area

Sometimes it is helpful to know about your data and voice connectivity in detail so that you’ll get an accurate picture of what type of network you’re actually connected to, how strong is the receiving signal, where’s the WiFi signal coming from etc. To know all these in your fingertips you just have to download an android app called 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi Coverage Maps or OpenSignal.… Read the rest

Fix App Force Close on CyanogenMod Using Terminal Emulator

CyanogenMod is one of the best customized ROM that I had used since it has less bugs, continuous support from their website and a lot of other users so we can collectively solve a bug over time. CyanogenMod is great for performance, overclocking and best battery backup, however most of the CM versions have the app force close issue.… Read the rest

Four Android Apps to Automatically Rotate Wallpaper

We change our smartphone wallpapers more often for the first few days of purchasing it. We all know how boring it is to see the same colors and background. Do you think of some apps to do the wallpaper changing for you automatically. Yes, there are some apps for this that will automatically rotate wallpapers for you with a preset timing period.… Read the rest

How to Install WhatsApp on WiFi only Tablets

Text messaging from your voice carrier is now an old fashion as WhatsApp messenger has became part of every smartphone. In these days, especially in India there is free sms limitations like 100 SMS/day, social apps like whatsapp is a must have app for everyone. In addition to just text messages, you can send videos, photos and your recorded voice etc almost instantly.… Read the rest