Android Spy Camera Apps : Take Photos Secretly Without Anyone Knowing

Sometimes it’s very funny to take photos of our friends without knowing them. But if point you’r phone towards them with camera app, they’ll stop you from taking their pictures. Also, there’ll be situations where you need to shoot something which is very exclusive and doing it without knowing the other person. A spy cam is best on these situations but what if you haven’t a spy camera with you?. If your android smartphone with you, you can turn your phones camera into a spy cam and shoot pictures or videos cleverly. Here’s some of the free spy camera apps for android:

1. Mobile Hidden Camera

This app is another hidden camera app for android phones for SUPER SAFE stealth shooting and video recording, even right in front of subjects. Unlike other apps, this app is installed as a Simple Notepad application with a Notepad icon. Besides image taking, it also supports high resolution video recording.


2. Spy Camera PRO

This app can take photos and videos without knowing anyone. during recording the screen will not show what  actually you’re doing and it may just show the home screen. It can use both front and rear cameras and auto focus is supported if available.

spy cam pro

3. Spy Camera OS (Open Source)

This app is an open source spy camera project for android. This application will give us an easy way to take pictures without knowing anyone using your phone’s camera.  This lightweight app let you capture images in maximum resolution using either back camera or front cam. It is packed with some experimental features like video recording, background capture/recording etc.

spy camera aos


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