3D Surround Music Player – Android’s Alternative To iOS Boom ?

All those who are using an iPhone might have used a music app called Boom. Now, if you ask what is special about it – Unlike other music playing apps out there, it provides 3D surround sound effects for your normal mp3 files.There are few android music player apps out there  which already has these features, but by the arrival of 3D Surround Music Player, android users can also claim that they have a premium quality music app which has all those features that Boom Provides.

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Top 10 Bluetooth Multiplayer Games For Android (Paid and Free)

One of the major perks of owning a smartphone is that you are able to pair your phone with others and enjoy playing multiplayer games, send and receive files or even share your internet connection. Multiplayer games in Android as well as iOS is a sure way to kill boredom as there are plenty of local Bluetooth multiplayer games available for both devices.

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Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone Isn’t Getting Charged – Solution

I have seen many smartphone users complaining in forums and communities that their devices are not getting charged properly even if they connected to charger for a long time. Here, we will discuss why this is happening and how we can resolve this issue.

Reasons behind your device is not getting charged:

If your smartphone stopped charging after battery reaching certain percentage – we can easily assume that its a software bug.

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How To Solve Switchable Graphics Problem In Laptops?

If your laptop has an on board graphics and a dedicated graphics card,a problem may arise when you try to run 3D rendering utilities,video editing software and high end games where it may only detect the on board graphics and eventually resulting in a reduced performance which is obviously not why you paid the hefty price for the additional graphics card.

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How To Mass Delete YouTube Comments – SOLVED – 2017

YouTube has at the moment removed the option to delete all the comments made on your comment history page.So it has become a tedious task to remove the thousands of comments that you have made in the past by clicking on the remove button on each of the comments in the comment history page.But there is a way by which you can delete all your comment activity on YouTube in under a minute.The only method available at the moment for deleting all your YouTube comments together is given below.It will save your time from going to comment history and deleting all the comments individually.

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Five apps that helps you deal with smartphone addiction and increase productivity

In modern days, many of us are keep struggling to increase our productivity. Despite being at home or office, we always lag behind or not getting that extra work completed due to insufficient  productivity.The irony is that we know why but cant  do anything about it or not trying to beat it.

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